AssessMy is a smart lead generation initiative from Westcon-Comstor that helps our partners generate genuinely qualified leads for free!

AssessMy enables your end-user contacts to assess themselves on multiple technology areas by answering a short and simple online survey. Their answers are then compared against the industry current best practices, generating a report which highlights their operational strengths and areas of concern. This report is sent to you so you can engage in timely conversations and provide 'Fit for Purpose' solutions.


What is AssessMy?

AssessMy enables your end-user contacts to assess themselves on multiple technology areas by answering a short and simple online survey. Their answers are then compared against the industry current best practices. This generates a summary report which you can follow up on and use as an opportunity to position relevant solutions which will address the identified problem areas.

This positions you as the thought leaders and industry experts to your prospects and existing clients, delivering high-quality, validated and timely opportunities directly to your sales people's inbox.


The process begins by inviting end-users to answer a remarkably straightforward online assessment on a specific technology area. All you need to do is share your unique AssessMy link with them via social media, email, etc.


Each end-user responds to the questions evaluating their position against the current best practice in that technology area. This generates a dashboard confirming their key competencies and highlighting potential improvement areas — no one ever ignores a red!


An executive report is sent to you with the user's contact information attached. It contains a detailed review covering the respondent's strengths and areas of concern in a clear, colour-coded, heat mapped report.


You can follow up with each respondent in a consultative manner, highlighting the points of concern in order to engage in a conversation that will enable you to position the best 'Fit for Purpose' solution.

Westcon-Comstor have worked with several vendors and AssessMy to deliver a tool that:


Enables our resellers to get their prospects and clients to assess their current technology solutions, delivering instant genuine value and insight


Provides subsequent real insight into your own customer base and the market itself


Generates qualified leads that aren't half baked downloads or manipulated telemarketing meetings — you will get genuine leads directly to your inbox


Is free of charge to all Westcon-Comstor partners and gives you total ownership of the leads you generate


Which technology areas can you assess with AssessMy?


With the evolution of the web traffic, its demands and subsequent threats, firewalls are right at the forefront of IT requirements:
• Next-gen firewall (example questions)
• Firewall management (example questions)



Building and maintaining networks is a core function to any IT savvy business, but knowing how to optimise, secure and build for the future needs insight:
• Network intelligence (example questions)
• WLAN (example questions)
• SDN (example questions)



For a time, scaremongering was security vendors' strongest weapon, using fear of the unknown to drive sales. However, security solutions have become pre-emptive, value-delivering business investments:
• DDoS Mitigation (example questions)
• Threat intelligence (example questions)
• Network security (example questions)


 All assessments are available in French, Italian, German and Spanish.



How to use the AssessMy campaign toolkit?

Westcon-Comstor have worked with partnering vendors and AssessMy to deliver a set of marketing campaign assets and tools to help you make the most of the initiative.


The AssessMy campaign assets include:
• HTML email templates
• Flyer templates
• Web banners of various sizes
• Newsletter content

All source files are included so you can customise the assets.

Download the toolkits >>

Each assessment is tagged with a personalised URL so all the leads are completely yours. Links can be shared via:

  personal emails

  email marketing campaigns

  social media posts



  paid search campaigns

  events via a tablet

  meetings as a sales enablement tool

There are no limitation to how you can use it!
By partnering with Westcon-Comstor on this smart lead generation initiative, you will have access to expert marketing, sales and pre-sales support, as well as professional services, training, finance options and more.

The Westcon-Comstor sales and marketing teams are here to help you with expert on-boarding and go-to-market support to ensure your inbox is full of red-hot Assessmy opportunities. Sign up now to AssessMy and start filling your sales pipeline today!